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A gourmet experience

Our mobile kitchen doesn't just make pizza, it makes a party.

At the heart of this operation is our classic,Valoriani Pizza Oven complete with it's signature fire brick floor. The resulting pizzas are not just a dish, they're an experience, exclusively crafted from the confines of our truck - a blend of classic charm and refined elegance.

But we're not stopping at crispy, cheesy, fire-kissed pies – behold the SPUNTINI! These delectable bites are a tantalizing addition to our menu, ensuring a feast that suits your every craving.

Witness the 1951 Ford chassis and cab working in perfect harmony, seamlessly marrying the past with the present, ready to roll up to wherever your gathering takes place. Let our kitchen be the vibrant centerpiece of your special occasion, an oasis of flavors and memories waiting to be made. Gather around and let the good times roll.


Fifty One Mobile Kitchen is a Superstars Company based in Richmond, Virginia with recipes steeped in tradition since 1989

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